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12/15/1998 Jean S.

“AHA Solutions Trust” helped me sell my house when I had no other way to sell it. I'm a retired widowed women that could no longer take care of my home. I didn't have the money to pay for the repairs or a commission to the agent who was going to list my home. After speaking with AHA Solutions Trust and learning about my options I decided to sell my home to them. They took the time to fully explain how they could help me. The process was very up-front and educational. I felt very comfortable, and they treated me with great respect. I would like to express my thankfulness to “AHA Solution Trust” and recommend them to anyone who wants a better way to sell their home. You will KNOW that they are sincere, and you're being treated properly with respect. I can't thank them enough!


Jean S Vernon, CT

8-19-2000, Lee G. :

Aha Solutions Trust has a unique way of doing business that really makes you happy with the decision to sell them your home. We met and spoke about what our plans were, why we were selling our home and what we were hoping to accomplish. (We finally decided to retire and “Right Size” our lives!) We were surprised how seamless the paperwork was and how they made everything very easy. Aha Solution felt more like a friend to us, helping us every step of the way. We couldn’t be happier with selling our home to AHA Solutions Trust and highly recommend working with them.

Lee G Rockville, CT

12-21-2004, John A. :

When I finally decided to sell my home, I was glad that AHA Solutions called me back. I didn’t sell them my home the first time they reached out to me. I was getting ready to retire when my Wife died and that was a trying time for me. However, a few years later I was ready to move on and that’s when they came through for me. I was treated with dignity and respect and the sale was as smooth as I could hope for. If you are thinking about selling your home to AHA Solution, I would say, don’t hesitate.


John A Vernon, CT

12-24-2012, Wendy G. :

We started to sell our home in late summer, the sale wasn’t going as planned; especially when we wanted to sell our home before the end of the year. Then we met AHA Solutions Trust. We thought the sale would never happen before the end the year, but they were our saving grace. The process was very smooth. We discussed what we wanted and what they were able to offer. The transparency of the sale was refreshing and eye opening. We’re very happy that we chose to work with them, the outcome was great for everyone involved. I recommend working with AHA Solutions, you won’t be disappointed.

Wendy G Ellington, CT

5-14-2018, Mark D. :

I was an out of state landlord that was having trouble managing my old home back in Connecticut. We moved to CT and bought our house at the height of the market. Then I relocated for work and unfortunately had a house that was underwater and unable to sell it without having a financial impact. So, like many people I decided to rent the house until I could sell it later and hopefully break even. This didn’t work out too well as time went on. I tried to sell the house with a realtor, but the house wasn’t getting any viable bids. Then out of the blue I got a call from AHA Solutions Trust, they bought my house and did everything they promised. They went the extra mile to help me with my issues associated with the house and I was elated with the outcome. Sometimes when you least expect it something or someone comes into your life when you really need it and that is what AHA Solutions was for me. They’re great to work with and I can’t express how much I appreciate them. 

Mark D Wethersfield, CT

3-20-2019, Debra B. :

AHA Solutions Trust saved me in the nick of time. I was introduced to them by a family member with the hopes that I could save my credit, not lose my house to foreclosure, and hopefully have a little money to restart my life. I’m sorry to say that I was several months behind in my payments and the pre-foreclosure letters were coming more often. It wasn’t until the bank started sending people over to look at my house and take pictures that I knew time was running out. Once I spoke with Aha Solutions Trust they sprang into action, and I was able to sell my home to them and save my credit. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I hadn’t called them. I know that my credit would be destroyed, and I would not have had any money to restart my life again. Thank you to Aha Solutions Trust, I will always be thankful for what you did and will always recommend you to others.


Debra B Willimantic, CT